The Punjab Ombudsman has ordered the Border Military Police (BMP) to launch a probe against its two personnel for siding with the accused persons wanted in a case of trespass to property, killing of two persons and kidnapping of a woman.

The Punjab Ombudsman passed the orders on the report of Member In-charge of Punjab Ombudsman for DG Khan Division Malik Ahmed Bakhsh Bapa on a complainant filed by Hazar Khan, a resident of Tribal Area, DG Khan.

The complainant had submitted an application for the arrest of the remaining accused persons who are not being apprehended due to slackness on the part of Border Military Police or indirect support of its personnel Najib Khan and Circle In-charge Azhar Khan.

The complainant detailed that Imam Din, Qamar, Alam Din, Hakeem Khan and others, all armed with weapons, had trespassed on the house of the complainant in the night of March 19,2015. They had also murder his father Hayat Khan and one relative Haji Qadir Bakhsh Ladhwani and abducted his wife namely Sakina, he alleged.

An FIR (No148) was registered with Police Station Fazla Kach of BMP Under Section 365,149,302 PPC etc. The complainant alleged that Tagiya Khan, son of Meero, and Kaloo Khan were in league with the accused. After the lapse of about four months (at the time of submission of complaint), Border Military Police Fazla Kach could not recover the abductee neither arrested the accused.

He alleged that BMP Post Daffedar Najib Khan and Circle Incharge Azhar Khan Tipu were supporting the accused persons. The complainant said that after lapse of seven months, the Border Military Police could not recover his abducted wife Sakina, even the “killers” were enjoying their routine life. BMP has arrested only one accused namely Ali Sher while the remaining accused persons have patronage of the personnel.

An official of Border Military Police DG Khan with the request of anonymity said that in the case, informal investigation had been taken place to clear charges of supporting the accused persons leveled against Najib Khan and Azhar Khan Tipu.

“BMP is more corrupt than the Punjab police. That is why, as per a report of last year 2014, 760 offenders including 119 accused wanted in 25 murder cases registered with BMP police stations in DG Khan tribal area are absconders. It is big number of absconders due to slackness on the part of Border Military Police Commandant/Political Assistant Shahid Mahboob. He alleged that the officer indirectly supported the corrupt officials.