A quirky British company has created the world’s first curvy caravan - which is rounded on the outside. The retro-style Barefoot mobile holiday home is a fibreglass bubble which boasts a modern bathroom, a stylish kitchen and a 6ft x 6ft bed. Customers who splash out the £21,950 asking price receive a bespoke model in a shade of their choice, with custom furnishings and solid oak worktops. Purchasers of the van are even treated to a Roberts Revival DAB radio to match - as well as a wardrobe, LED ceiling lights, floor lighting and a gas hob, fridge and freezer. It was designed by solicitor Cathy Chamberlain, 44, who took matters into her own hands when she was unable to find a caravan that she thought was stylish.

She hooked up with Watsonian Squire, a company renowned for their iconic sidecars and motorcycles, to put her idea into production. The first model, which has a cream exterior and is duck egg blue inside, took more than three years to perfect.

It was unveiled in the Cotswolds at a craft and design event and versions in grey and pale blue are now also in the works. Chamberlain from Cheshire, who has become one of the first female caravan designers in the world, said: ‘The quality is amazing. It really blew everybody away. ‘It was a weekend camping trip which inspired me, when I got cold and wet. It goes dark and everybody gets a bit damp.

‘I thought, ‘Why is there not a trendy caravan?’ ‘I searched and searched and searched and saw that there weren’t any. I couldn’t find one, so I decided I would make one. ‘I have really made it for myself, to be able to use at festivals. I’ll be taking it to Glastonbury next year. I wanted to make it look nice from the outside as well as the inside. ‘We have got real oak in there. It is done to the standard that you would want to have your own home,’ she added. 

Chamberlain worked with Ben Matthews and Mike Williams, directors of Blockley-based Watsonian Squire, to build the unique caravan over the course of three years. Matthews said: ‘We know why most caravans are square, but we are really proud of the modern British classic we have created.

‘We have gone to great lengths to make sure that the Barefoot caravan is beautifully styled, inside and out, built to the highest standards and light weight. ‘We wanted to create the perfect travel companion that was stylish, luxurious and easy to use.’