Islamabad - More than 20 churches situated in the federal capital yesterday moved the Islamabad High Court and sought Rangers’ security for their protection.

Yousaf Khan Paul, a member of Christian community, filed the petition through his counsel Yasir Mehmood Chaudhry Advocate and requested the court to direct respondents to deploy Rangers for security of the churches, provide walkthrough gates and scanners, and install CCTV cameras at the churches in Islamabad.

The petitioner cited federation of Pakistan through ministry of interior, chief commissioner Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and inspector general of Islamabad police as respondents.

In the petition, he adopted that the Christian community is an integral part of the country. They are patriotic and peace-loving people and are playing a key role in development of the country.

He added that unfortunately this community has suffered many attacks on its worship places that resulted in huge loss of precious lives and the community needed protection at its worship places to avoid such incidents.

He maintained that Christian being a minority could subscribe to all rights ensured to them under Article 36 of the constitution of Pakistan.

The counsel for the petitioner argued in the petition that there are more than 20 churches in Islamabad while the security has been provided only at 2 to 3 places.

Yasir stated that Christian community regularly visits their churches to fulfill their religious duties.

He informed the Islamabad High Court that on August 06, 2015, his client filed an application before interior ministry for the redressal of grievance but no action was taken.

Therefore, he prayed to the Islamabad High Court to issue directions to the respondents to provide foolproof security to all the churches in Islamabad.

The petition will be heard this week after registrar office fixes it before a court for regular hearing.