The performance of Gujranwala police can be imagined from the fact that crime ratio has reached at ‘alarming level’ in city, especially in Civil Lines Police Circle.

The residents and traders are being looted in broad daylight and deprived of cash, cellphones, motorcycles and other valuables.

It has also created a sense of insecurity and fear among people who consider themselves as unsafe even in their residences besides hurting trade activities in ‘otherwise’ trade hub.

A lot of gambling points and “Quba Khanas” have sprung up in Civil Lines, Aroop, Jinnah Road, Saddr, People’s Colony, Cantt and other police stations limits and police showed little or no interest to control the crimes.

Cellphones snatchers gangs are active in snatching cellphones and holding couples at gunpoint in the city streets and markets while drugs are being sold and land mafia is encroaching upon state land “wherever they find empty land.” Citizens showed great concerns over the rising crimes in the city. They also questioned the police apathy and indifference to go after the criminals and restore order and peace in the city.

People demanded the police high-ups to take stern action against those police officers who are not making efforts to control the crimes in their areas.

On the other hand, a police spokesman said that the police have been making every possible effort to control the crime. Many dacoit gangs have been nabbed by police while police crackdown on illegal arms and narcotics sellers seems to be successful and dozens of cases have been registered during the current year.

He said that crime rate is not “alarming” and neither Gujranwala is a “crime-free” city.

He said that the police are struggling hard to bring down crime rate in the city.

ENTRY OF 34 ULEMA BANNED: The district administration has imposed a ban on the entry of 34 Ulema in Gujranwala district in order to maintain peace during Muharram.

The ban has been imposed on Mirza Muhammad Ishtiaq, Muhammad Abu Baker, Ehsan Ullah, Shamsur Rehman, Maulana Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Iqbal, Sabir Hussain Alvi, Azmat Hussain, Maqsoodur Rehman and Abdul Rauf Yazdani, Mohammad Alam Tariq, Masroor Nawaz Jhangvi, Abdul Aziz, Azher Masood, Moavia Azam Tariq, Muhammad Akbar, Attaullah, Ziaullah, Muhammad Ayub, Ehsanullah Farooqi, Mohammad Shafiq, Qari Afzal, Abdul Rehman Tahir, Badar ul Zaman, Jamshed, Muhammad Ashraf, Masoodur Rehman, Qari Sahawat Ali, Riaz Hussain, Ghulam Raza, Gulfan Hussain and Mohammad Housaf.

A total of 1,851 majalis will be held out of which 55 have been declared as “A” category, 10 as “B” category and 1,785 have been declared as “C” category.

Similarly, 529 mourning processions will be taken out including 26 “A” category, 26 “B” category and 477 was declared “C” category. The District administration has been completed the security arrangements and about 129 CCTV cameras would be installed at the routes of processions and control room has also been be set up in DCO Office.