Benedict Cumberbatch wants a meeting with Britain’s home secretary theresa may to discuss Europe’s refugee crisis . The Sherlock actor has loaned his support to fundraising efforts to help thousands of refugees fleeing bloodshed in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, by signing an open letter in September (15) calling for the U.K. government to take more action.

However, he is still not convinced British officials have done enough following the celebrity-backed appeal, and he now wants a formal discussion with May to debate the matter. ‘No, it’s not good enough and I am quite happy to say that,’ Benedict tells Sky News. ‘I’d like to sit down with Theresa May and get a full understanding of how her political economic model works of structuring an argument that there is virtually a zero degree of financial benefit from an immigrant population.

‘There’s just a huge crisis and not enough is being done about what is happening now. Yes we need long-term solutions and yes it’s a good idea to get people out of camps so they don’t make the perilous journey, yes it’s a good idea to have a specific solution for them once they arrive here. ‘But in the meantime 5,000 people a day are arriving on the island of Lesbos and there’s nothing on the shoreline but abandoned life jackets and there are boats as far as you can see on the horizon day and night and its happening.’ Benedict recently loaned his support to a fundraising appeal to help refugees by promoting a charity single for Save the Children. He filmed a video of himself reading a poem by a Somali refugee, and also reportedly performed the work during the interval of his Hamlet stage production in London.