ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has directed successful and unsuccessful candidates in by polls to file their return of election expenses immediately and the notification of winning candidates will be issued after the return are submitted.

According to ECP, the notification of success of any candidate will be stopped in the event of non filing of return of expenses by him and the unsuccessful candidates will be disqualified from contesting elections in the future if they fail to furnish return of expenses.

The limit of election expenses has been fixed at Rs 1500000 for each candidate in the by-polls of the national assembly and Rs 1000000 for candidate of by polls of the provincial assembly.

During the election campaign, certain candidates had lodged a complaint against rival candidates for incurring election expenses beyond the limits fixed by ECP. The election commission has issued notices to them. A candidate against whom the charges of incurring more expenses than set limits are proven can be disqualified.