Islamabad - The CDA’s campaign against nonconforming use of residential houses continues in the city as it sealed 13 more houses yesterday.

Concerned departments of the CDA including enforcement directorate, building control section and magistrate of CDA, in a joint operation sealed 13 houses in different sectors of the city. As the operation against the nonconforming use is in progress, the CDA has warned the owners/allottees to refrain from commercial use of the houses; otherwise their houses would be sealed. The CDA can also cancel the allotment of such houses, the CDA officials warned.

The houses sealed for nonconforming use on Monday include house number 1-B, street 32, sector F-7/1; house number 10-A, street 15, sector F-7/2; house number 27-A, street 18, F-7/2; house number 12, street 12, sector F-7/2; house number 13, street 32, sector F-7/1; house number 63, School Road, F-7/4; house number 64, 64-B, NDR, F-7/4; house number 18, Margalla Road, sector F-8/3; house number 35-A, Park Road, sector F-8/1; house number 66, Margalla Road, sector F-8/2; House number 9, street number 48, sector F-8/4; house number 15, School Road, sector F-6/1; and house number 31, School Road, Sector F-7/1.