Social media contain the supreme power to make someone a hero or a criminal. In the social forums various serious and controversial issues get highlighted in form of opinion, pictures and videos. The picture’s and videos sharing by the social activist; many times become a threat to the regarding person life, privacy and future. Innocent people; without the law enforcement agency’s judgment; consider as criminal because of someone’s personal opinion. The uploading of such pictures and videos develop hatred in the public; which demolished the related person’s life and looted their respect. It’s been a social duty of the general public to respect other’s privacy. By maintaining a decency to hide the involving people faces and names. On humanitarian ground; realise that they have life and family as well. If someone’s personal opinion regards them criminals it doesn’t mean that they really are. The authorities of the social forum and the government needs to formulate certain guidelines to cater the issue of one’s privacy and to stop any personal opinion’s from becoming social verdict.


Islamabad, September 7.