Islamabad - In order to provide professional orientation to the spokespersons of ministries and divisions on effective use of social media, a consultative session was held at PID yesterday.

All the spokespersons of the ministries and divisions along with PROs attended the session which was briefed by Rao Tehsin Ali Khan, PIO/DG PID. While speaking to the participants, the PIO emphasized on the importance of social media and urged the spokespersons to be proactive in providing relevant information concerning their ministries to the media for projection of Federal Government policies. He said that media plays an important role in democratic societies and it is useful to engage, interact and remain accessible to the media for factual perception of the government initiatives. Stressing the importance of the social media, the PIO guided the spokespersons on how to actively engage through social media applications, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. It may be mentioned that for proper coordination and facilitation of the media, spokespersons have been appointed in all the ministries and divisions who will be accessible to media for any query related to their departments so there may be no confusion about any government action. The PID will be the nerve centre for coordination with media and all the official communication will be routed through PID.