A 14-year-old boy drowned in Upper Chanab Canal while three others were rescued on Monday.

The four students of Government Elementary School Kot Abdul Maalik had jumped into the canal to take a bath. Umer Farooq drowned in the deep water and his body could not be fished out after 36 hours. The three others namely Shazad, Amir and Husnain were fished out be the people present there. The Citizen Welfare Society in an urgent meeting urged the district administration to pass direction to Farooqabad police to refrain the citizens from bathing in two big canals QB Link and Upper Gogera near Farooqabad. Eight persons since January had drowned in the canals.

After the incident, the DCO ordered the Factory area police to ensure the implementation of section 144 effectively prohibiting everyone to take bath in the canals.