Islamabad - Due to negligence of Tarnol administration, donation boxes are put in different localities by different organisations to collect funds for their use. Eyewitnesses said that these boxes have been in place for years despite a ban by the federal and provincial governments on collection of donations through donation boxes.

There is a question mark who gets these donations and where these are used because there is no name or insignia of the organisations that have installed the donation boxes. Unfortunately the administration despite being well aware of these donation boxes is not taking any action to remove them.

When contacted SHO Tarnol expressed his total ignorance about these boxes and in return advised to check who placed them and for what purpose.

Meanwhile, people are facing intense problems due to illicit encroachment mafia that keeps occupying the road just outside the CDA’s Sunday Sasta Bazaar.

The mafia occupies parking area and it controls the main road causing a lot of inconvenience for people when they come for their weekly shopping. At the same time the one way traffic is another nuisance for the commuters who have to move to other roads.

The encroachers occupy the whole road from Lal Masjid to the Aabpara Taxi stand and all sorts of stalls are established there.

The failure of the CDA staff that is deployed to keep a watch on sale of items at the fixed rates and avoid any untoward incident appears to be in league with the encroachers as no action is taken against them.