Worst sewerage system in Dhup Sari and Katimar roads areas near Nikroo Chungi are destroying the streets and roads whereas residents have demanded the authorities to improve sewerage system.

The sewerage system is not too good, gutters are overflowing and rainywater inundates the streets which has becomes the main reason in behind depletion of roads.

The sewerage has been stagnant for the last 10 days in streets. The residents have repeatedly complained against the situation, but the TMA staffers did not bother to resolve the problems. The residents including Muhammad Imran, Sher Ali Khan, Abdul Ghafar Bhatti, Aurangzeb and dozens others blamed that the TMA has made their lives miserable. The officials concerned responsible are not redressing their grievances, they said. The stagnant sewerage also damaging roads and walls of the houses as cracks have been appeared in houses due the seepage of accumulated sewerage. Moreover, the water is also causing rapid spread of various diseases in the area. The residents demanded early solution of the problem.

QUALITY EDUCATION A PRIORITY: Punjab Chief Minister Monitoring Force Special Representative Malik Muhammad Rafiq Rahdari has said that the government is pursuing a comprehensive strategy for the promotion of quality education in the province.

He said that billions of rupees have been allocated for education sector during the current financial year. Malik Rafiq said that Punjab Schools Reforms Roadmap programme has yielded positive results and admission ratio of the children in schools has increased while drop-out has been overcome.

He further said that revolutionary education reforms would yield far-reaching results. He said that missing facilities would be provided in all schools of the Thal at the end of the current financial year.

He added that being a developing nation it is must to educate youth in line with present day needs and nourish them in accordance with national and cultural values and traditions.