Islamabad - Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Babar Yaqoob disclosed on Thursday that the ECP had opposed inclusion of nomination papers and other forms in Election Act.

“We suggested a committee to work carefully over amendment in nomination papers but everyone turned a deaf ear to our suggestion,” he added.

Talking to journalists here, the ECP secretary divulged, “ECP informed electoral reforms committee about status of nomination papers and other forms stating that all these forms were part of election rules and any amendment, deduction or addition in these forms was the sole responsibility of the ECP so it must be excluded from election act,” he added. “But the committee did not listen to our suggestions,” he lamented.

Babar clarified that ECP did not table any recommendation before committee for amendment in electoral forms. He said if the ECP permitted the court could be moved.

On the other hand, ECP has approved new electoral laws and asked all the stake-holders to submit their recommendations within 15 days.

According to Online, an important meeting of the ECP held in ECP headquarters under the chair of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sardar Muhammad Raza. The meeting was briefed about the new electoral laws and it was told that new laws had been formulated under Election Act-2017.

On the occasion, the CEC felicitated the officials of ECP who burnt their mid night oil while preparing these laws and directed to publish laws on official website of the ECP which would remain there and stake-holders could submit recommendations or objections within 15 days of online publication of these laws. According to ECP, Election Rules 2017 had been published on October 02 and eight laws have been merged in Election Act 2017.