The women of Baluchistan are in a terrible condition. Their literacy rate is the worst. Female literacy rate stands at 2% in tribal areas of Baluchistan. Majority of the parents do not send their children to school. Female education for the tribal chieftain is still an anathema. They have confined their women to the four walls of their houses and have assigned them with responsibilities of cooking food, fetching water and looking after their siblings. During elections, village elders belonging to opposing parties try to reach a consensus on not allowing womenfolk to exercise their right to vote.

All this oppression inflicted upon women is due to our conservative social construction. Financial constraints and teenager marriage also have fortified the drop out rate of female from their schools. It is a lack of awareness about the importance of education because of lack of education.

Furthermore, uneducated family background has a lasting impact on women education. Till now education of women is not the priority any government in Baluchistan.

I humbly urge the Government to take some palpable and coherent measures in order to educate every woman without any gender discrimination. It is their right as provided by this country and those leading the country should help them practice their right. They should held seminars to bring awareness especially in rural areas of Baluchistan so there is at least some understanding.


Balochistan, October 5.