Pakistan is a beautiful country gifted by nature with fertile land, rivers, famous mountains, four weathers and a valuable geo-strategic location in the region.

The people of Pakistan should remember that to achieve this home land their forefathers had paid a heavy price and tremendous sacrifices.

The history of Pakistan is unique and is full of painful memories, tragic events, opposition to its creation prior to its independence and constant threats of its disintegration till today. 

Seventy years have passed; the unfortunate people of Pakistan have not found a leader except dictators or corrupt incompetent political civil dictators. Immediately after independence, the people of Pakistan had to force the first tragic shock of the death of founder-leader of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam. 

Immediately after Independence, the political party of Pakistan before starting to rule the state had vowed under oath with the slogan and agenda of “Pakistan First”, its integrity and the national interests on top priority. The entire nation is however is a witness that with the passage of time, the ruling class of Pakistan spread over five hundred political families, majority of whom are landlords of Punjab, Waderas of Sindh, Sardars of Baluchistan, industrialists, traders and a few from the middle-class had reversed their agenda and then played havoc with the land and wealth of this poor country.

Pakistan apart from this had faced a number of other tragic shocks. The prime minister of Pakistan Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan had been assassinated, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged to death, Gen. Zia-ul -Haq died in an air crash and lastly Benazir Bhutto was shot dead. 

Time passed on, when Gen. Yahya Khan had declared national elections immediately the political parties of both East and West Pakistan had started their political activities. Consequently, a political mess, instability, power struggle amongst the political parties, had been created in the country. During this period, while our political leaders had been unaware of the surrounding developments and conspiracies against Pakistan at the same time, the government of India in collaboration and facilitation of their political agents in East-Pakistan had been planning for a long-time to separate East Pakistan. The government of India had been watching closely the political events and turmoil in Pakistan. At last at a wink of big-powers, India had attacked Pakistan and succeeded in achieving its long standing dream to undo Pakistan.

Following such grand national disasters, the political, parties, leaders, generals and all other concerned national agencies should have gathered together and conducted serious discussion and post-mortem of this tragic loss, reasons for their blunders, political mistakes and their criminal negligence regarding the Indian conspiracy against Pakistan.

Had they done their duty? The entire nation is witness that they had not. Instead, they had continued their power struggle, corruption and repeated blunders of the past. 

During the last twenty years, the overall situation of the country has further deteriorated. 

The crime is dangerously rising fast, increasing trend of drug-addiction in children and school boys which is unnoticed, unchecked and unpunished. There is increasing incidents of abuse of small children.

Have our political leaders in assemblies ever taken a serious notice about such crimes and done legislating to stop it? No, they have not, the crime continues. 

The political Junta of Pakistan it looks and as usual, has not met and seen its public for a long time to feel the public pulse about their popularity, notice the expressions of furious anger and hatred against them visible over their faces, and hear vulgar remarks about them.

The recent national elections has shown, that how the poverty stricken people, deprived of their basic rights fed up of old chronic corrupt political leaders, sick of their faces appearing over T.V. screens again and again have expressed their anger and overwhelmingly voted in favour of PTI, a party of mostly young-educated class of people desirous of a change in the century old colonial system and a modern Pakistan.

The results of the national elections should therefore be seen as a first sign of hope for the bright future of Pakistan. The credit of the PTI victory goes to the people of Pakistan, who have for the first time found a leader after seven decades, realised the value and power of their vote-bank and have succeeded in liberating their unfortunate country and the people from the clutches of corrupt political mafia 

The new elected Government shall face tremendous challenges which should be dealt, with a firm political will, bold steps and accurate decisions.

National policies should be visionary and multipronged for example, immediate construction of big dams along with gigantic water reservoirs.

The opposition political parties and the public rejected leaders are humbly appealed to co-operate and start acting upon the agenda and slogan of “Pakistan First” and its integrity and the national interests there top priority.

May Ali-Mighty, get Pakistan rid of PARASITES Inshallah.


The writer is a senior citizen, who has served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is working as a medical specialist in a charity medical centre.