Lahore - The solo exhibition of paintings ‘Splendor of nature’ by senior artist Dr. Samina Nasim began at Hamail Art Gallery yesterday.

Dr Samina is a known art historian and Chairperson of Interior and Textile Design Department at Lahore College for Women University. Her work has been recognized internationally as her art has been selected for permanent display at the Museum of Hebie Nornal University, China. Her hard work, dedication and perseverance in painting has inspired generations of Pakistani artists.

Talking to The Nation Dr Samina said that in the nature beauty is hard to define but it is easy to recognize. “There is beauty in the variety of flowers, birds, all creation of God and many of which are vividly colourful. My present show “Splendour of Nature” is a creative reflection of nature representing verdant vignettes in brilliant colours. It is response to the beauty and simplicity,” she explained.

Colours hold a special interest in these paintings. The work reveals a strong grip on colour contrasts and combinations. It is harmonized and sometimes divergence play vital role to enhance the aesthetic of the subject. The colours are emotionally charged and have aesthetics representation with other elements of arts use in the paintings. The compositions are schematic, inviting the viewer to move into a space of speculation. The project is grounded in pleasure and aesthetics.

Dr Samina said that she loves colours and an artist paints his inner self.  Therefore she just paints beauty of nature only. Artist should not paint for business. Artist can’t be commercial. Designing can be taught but art comes naturally to a person and it can’t be taught to someone.

“Art in Pakistan can be promoted by better communication. Students should visit art galleries and new universities and institutions providing facilities and good fraternity arts should be opened.

She said the general essence of location, linear rhythm and colours in flowing manner, are key features of her paintings. “The paintings give fleeting glimpse of hilly terrain and romantic ambience,” Dr Samina said.