Cabin shops are a common source of income for the unskilled workforce. These stalls popularly known as ‘Paan-shops’ can be seen on many street corners, primarily selling; paans, cigarettes, snacks, etc. However, the neighborhood residents seldom realize the hazards created by these cabins that are mostly built on encroached land.

These encroachers usually obtain their electric supply through illegal means. Hence, no electricity meters or power-generators are seen around these cabins to regulate their electricity consumption which also leads to a hazardous environment.

These small shops use an illegitimate short-cut to power their bulbs, fans, etc. Most of them operate on unsafe hook-connections (KUNDA) which pose potential threats to their own lives, work place and properties around them and cause wire broken, electrocutions, short-circuits and safety-hazards in the whole area. The concerned authorities are requested to take urgent notice of this issue, so that precious lives can be saved from any incident.


Karachi, October 2.