Karachi     -     A 23-member delegation of Iraqi National Defense University, War and Staff College, led by Brigadier Khalid Abdul Hussain Hassan called on Governor Sindh Imran Ismail at the Governor House on Saturday.

During the meeting Governor Sindh Imran Ismail said that the law and order situation in the country has improved greatly while cultural, economic and other activities including development activities are at their peak and that is why the foreign investments have also increased across the country. He further said that the solution of Kashmir issue is possible only according to the UN resolutions. The entire Muslim Ummah has to play its role in this regard.

Governor Sindh said that Iraq and its capital Baghdad are of extraordinary importance in Islamic history, Pakistan values its relations with Iraq. IsmaiI further said that the religious places in Iraq are very close to our hearts which is why every year a large number of Pakistanis visit Iraq for pilgrimage purposes.

He said that military and economic relations between the two countries are the need of the hour.

Ismailsaid that exchanges of military and trade delegations between the two countries would further improve the bilateral relations.


On the occasion Brigadier Khalid Abdul Hussain Hassan said that there is a long cultural, religious and historical relationship between Pakistan and Iraq. He said he is taking many memories from his visit to Pakistan. Brigadier Khalid thanked the Governor for hospitality.

Khalid Abdul Hussain Hassan also presented a memorial shield to Governor Sindh on behalf of Iraqi National Defense University

Meanwhlie, Ismail also attended an event “Bahae-i-Aman” ‘Spring Peace’ organized by All Iron Steel Merchants.

Member National Assembly Aftab Siddiqui, Aftab Jahangir Members Sindh Assembly Ramzan Ghanchi, Shahzad Qureshi, Khurram Sher Zaman and police officers attended the ceremony.

Thirty seconds of silence was observed to pay homage to the martyrs who laid their lives for restoration of peace in Karachi.

Addressing on the occasion, Governor Sindh said that due to the enormous sacrifices of law enforcement agencies, peace and security have been established in the country, especially across the province.

He said that law enforcement agencies had a key role in establishing law and order in the city. The nation will always remember the sacrifices of the martyrs.

Imran Ismail said the businessmen also played a vital role in restoration of peace. Today, peace and security in the country was made possible through the sacrifice of martyrs.

“I pay tribute to the police and other law enforcement agencies for establishing law and order”, said the Governor Sindh

President All-Iron Steel Merchant Hamad Poonawala speaking on the occasion said that media is playing an important role in introducing Pakistan’s soft image in the world.

He said that Small Traders Expo will be held in the coming year 2020.