It is certainly clear that a boy namely Salahuddin Ayubi has been tortured by the police in case of breaking the bank’s ATM. However, the who carried so much drama about him. He first appeared on the stage mocking faces, during the camera monitoring those accessing the bank’s ATM.

Sadly, it is unclear what those people who are said to have delivered Ayubi to the police are thinking now. Besides the death body had been received on the evening of Saturday August 31. And the concerned regional police officer told to the media that there were no tortured marks on the body. It is nicely reported that Ayubi told the police officer “App nay makran Kahan say seekha”, where have you learned to tortured. On the other hand, his family said he was mentally ill man who had previously been caught by the police many times.

It is what the securities are considered as the killers of the public, and destroy the soul of a nation? And justice should be done for him. As a result the supreme Court of Pakistan have an astronomical look on such criminal activities and find out an important ways adjusting accordingly. And Court can play a vital role for justice. Merely, justice should be done for Mr. Salahuddin in name of justice.