Since more than a month, Kashmiri people have been under a complete lockdown, while Indian Government has had a blanket ban on communication of every sort, freedom of speech and association, least the world could get an inkling of the untold atrocities the Indian troops have had upon them since the region being robbed of its special status.

The Valley affords a deserted and jail-like look where around thirty million people have been incarcerated.

Given the draconian communication blackout in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the Amnesty International India on last Tuesday has launched a global campaign ‘let Kashmir Speak’ to underscore the gross violation of civil liberties of the people of Kashmir. Aakar Patel, the head of Amnesty International India, said recently that the current blackout in IHK was against the Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which India was a party.

Gagging every voice, quashing every fundamental right of Kashmiri people won’t help Indian fascist government defeat the resolve of Kashmiri people. It is time the Indian racist Government relaxed the authoritarian measures imposed upon them and let Kashmir speak it out.