ISLAMABAD-Federal capital’s top health facility, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), which is one of the largest hospitals of the country, is generating far less revenue than average private hospitals. The hospital’s medical fee has not been revised since 1984.

According to the Director General, the hospital should revise and increase their rates of services to the general/private sector in order to generate enough revenue. According to him, the revenue which they were getting is too meagre.

The revenue is generated from the fee, which is collected from patients. The medical fee of PIMS is negligible. This means that the patients even belonging to upper-middle classes are paying negligible fee, which is the main source of the revenue.

The hospital provides facilities in three categories, the entitled ones, the poor class and the private sector/general public.

The government-subsidised hospital provides its services to the entitled and the poor at negligible fee, whereas, the general public is to be charged higher in order to generate a good amount of revenue.

Ghulam Qadir, 75, had his treatment at PIMS private VIP ward for seven days. Meanwhile, he was examined by several doctors including professors and medical specialists, but was discharged after the payment of mere Rs8,000.

While talking to The Nations, the patient’s son said that the room which they were given was up to the mark. The room had a TV, a refrigerator and fully working air conditioning unit. He added that the hospital had been doing development work and was now up to the mark. However, he told that he was surprised by the bill they paid for the outstanding services offered in the hospital - Rs700 per day for a private room and Rs1,000 for the expert doctors who visited and examined the patient. The patient’s heir told that he was willing to pay more as the faculty and service provided was stupendous.

The Director General of PIMS Mr. Prof. Anser Masood told The Nation, “At least 20 thousand people come daily to PIMS out of which 10 thousand are patients and the rest are their attendants.” He further said that with this much patients coming on daily basis, revenue is very essential for development and improvement.

However, the PIMS ED told that the fee of the services provided by the hospital was not revised since 1984. He continued by saying the fee of the services by the hospital remained the same for over 30 years. He further elaborated that the cost of the same services in private sector hospitals was 15 to 20 times more than what PIMS was charging now.

He further revealed that almost one third of the daily patients are from private sector and the government should help them out to form a system to charge them more for revenue generation. He believed that the concept of progressive charging would bring an effective change to improve and maintain the standard of the hospital.

When asked about the new developments, the DG told about the upgrading of nearly 50 per cent of the wards, adding that the rest are to be upgraded as those wards are full of patients and needed to be evacuated before development. Furthermore, he revealed the ongoing contract with the Japanese Agency, JAICA, for the development in PIMS worthy of Rs3,500 million.

In addition, he was also positive about upgrading the equipment, the medical intensive unit and the radiology department in the near future. He also discussed that the hospital required a centrally conditioned system which they were already working on.