ISLAMABAD - PPP, the second largest opposition party, will seek support of opposition parties to help passing its amendment in rules and procedures related to the production order.

The PPP has planned to propose legislation to amend rules about production order, which allows arrested lawmakers from both house of parliament (National Assembly and Senate) to attend the proceeding.

Background discussion with opposition parties’ members said that PPP will require support of opposition for moving its amendment in the rules and procedure.

PPP-P’s MNA Nafeesa Shah is working on a bill related to introduce amendment in the rule and procedures about production order. The proposed amendment, if passed from the parliament, will help the arrested members of parliament to attend all the proceedings of the parliament without seeking permission from the speaker of National Assembly or chairman Senate.

Nafeesa Shah has shared with this newspaper that she was working on a bill to introduce amendment in current rules about issuing production order. The proposed amendment, she said, will be moved in the National Assembly Secretariat so that it could be placed in the order of the day.

When contacted, PML-N’s leader Ahsan Iqbal said that his party would surely support PPP’s amendment about production order. “Our party always support issuance of production order of all arrested members,” he said, mentioning that speaker of National Assembly should issue production orders of arrested members without any biased approach.

Political experts viewed that the opposition might propose this amendment to counter the amendment from government’s side on a same rule related to the production order.

The opposition party, they said, cannot easily pass any amendment without the cooperation of opposition and government’s coalition partners.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members, following the party’ policy, will go against any amendment from opposition on rules related to production order. Whereas, both the government’s allied partners MQM-P and BNP (Mengal) might put weight behind the opposition parties’ argument about production order. It may be mentioned here both parties have supported issuance of production orders of arrested members.