KARACHI   -  The Pakistan Meteorological Department has issued a heatwave alert in Karachi for the next six to eight days. With temperatures expected to go as high as 42 degrees centigrade, K-Electric (KE) urged its customers to take all necessary precautions and avoid unnecessary excursions or strenuous activities between 11am and 4pm — the “peak heat hours”. Since the weather is expected to be “very hot and dry” from 11 to 13 October, KE requested customers to take additional care during the hottest hours by staying hydrated, wearing breathable fabric and ensuring that the head is covered and protected from direct heat and sunlight.

As power demand is likely to escalate on account of the heat, the power utility is in contact with its fuel suppliers to ensure consistent supplies essential for optimized power supply. At the same time, the power utility appealed to its customers to consume electricity mindfully and practice energy conservation. The power utility has ensured that its rapid response teams remain on high alert during this time to ensure swiftest possible restoration of any faults, while also time deferring any non-vital maintenance shutdowns during this time.