LAHORE -Avari Hotel Lahore held fall celebrations at The Tollington Restaurant the other day as the restaurant resumed operations and welcomed the season. The celebration was eventful with Fall festivities over local Punjabi cuisine. The hotel held the celebration like every year to compliment the season at its signature open-air bbq restaurant with ambient live music and live cooking. There were popular Punjabi dishes like Pathooras, Puris, BBQ, Sarson Ka Saag and Makai Roti, Karahi, Nihari, Gulab Jamun, Kulfi Falooda, Cotton Candy, Hot Jalebi and much more. Restaurant hostesses and hosts adorned ethic Punjabi clothing to suit the occasion. Corporate clients and media partners thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance and delectable food in the cool weather while adhering to all Covid-19 SOPs.

On the auspicious occasion, Cluster General Manager, Avari Hotel Lahore, Hartmut Noack said, “We are hosting this event to welcome Fall. It is a beautiful and lively season and what better way to celebrate the season than at our open-air Pakistani restaurant, The Tollington. We hope the guests will like the food and frolic we have planned for them. The restaurant is now open again for dinner.”

Cluster Public Relations and Brand Manager, Avari Hotel Lahore, Mariam Asif said at the opening, “Fall is a lovely season that compliments an outdoor dining experience. Due to Covid-19 we were unable to host Spring festivities this year so we have held a Fall celebration to commemorate this time of year following all government SOPs. Our guests are thoroughly enjoying Punjabi delicacies and the entertainment.”