KARACHI-  OPDs in different public sector hospitals in Karachi were closed for two hours (10 am to 12 noon) on Monday as part of token strike against provincial government’s decision to stop, with immediate effect the Covid health allowance for doctors, nurses and paramedics.

The protestors taking exception to the announcement made by Sindh government said it was beyond their comprehension as dedicated “Corona Wards” were still functional in several of its hospitals, while a resurgence of the viral infection was also being reported by the authorities themselves.

“We are the front line soldiers who in realisation of our responsibilities have been serving the Covid patients, while many of our colleagues also lost their lives in the endeavour to save lives of concerned patients since March this year,” said Dr Lala Rukh associated with Government Sindh Hospital.

Sister Midhat Kareem (a staff nurse) mentioning that many of her colleagues in different health facilities are still working in wards for Covid-19 patients, at risk to their own health, said it would be appropriate if the authorities may also announce closure of isolation cum Corona  wards for concerned patients.

About the decision to resort to no work at OPDs  for two hours on daily basis till government reviews its decision, Ajmal Khan said he and his colleagues were conscious of the hardship caused to the patients but were left with no option.

Those in need of emergency care are being attended and will never be refused and so is the case with admitted patients, said the paramedic.