ISLAMABAD-National Institute of Health (NIH) teams on Monday conducted tests for collecting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) samples from the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) after one of its officials was tested positive with the virus.

A message conveyed to the FDE employees said that a team from NIH shall reach FDE for testing of the whole staff and officials are advising your concerned section officers and staff to reach FDE in time to get tested.

It said that unfortunately one of our officers tested COVID-19 positive and this protocol has to be followed. Everyone should have their test tomorrow.

It also said that the schedule of disinfection of the premises shall be shared tomorrow morning.

Later, the notification issued by FDE said that in the wake of the pandemic (COVID-19), strict compliance of the SOPs is required to be followed at FDE.

It said that reception staff must ensure that all visitors are following SOPs and wearing masks while entering the offices and all officers and officials of FDE wear masks.

It said that a record of the visitor has to be maintained at reception which should include name, purpose of visit and CNIC number of the visitor to enter the office who has taken appointment from the officers/officials.

This has to be ensured by calling the officers/officials. This has to be ensured by calling the officers/officials on their extension phones, landline phones or on the mobile phones.

It said that visitors timing has to be followed as per the previous practice. The timing for general public is 11:00 am to 01:00pm and FDE employees 02:00pm 5:00pm. It said that all officers and officials are requested to kindly ensure the compliance accordingly.

Meanwhile, health officials also sealed Islamabad College for Boys G-6/3 in order to remain close till 18-10-2020.

The college in his message said that with reference to advice received from District Health Office, Islamabad and Director (Academics) FDE, ICB, G-6/3 will remain closed till 18th October 2020.

It said that the college will be re-opened wef Monday 19th October 2020 subject to no new case is reported from the college. This date is subject to revision in case any other case appears from the said college. The staff are not allowed to leave the station.

District Health Officer (DHO) in his social media message said that “We are investigating 35 positive cases for today against 2855 tests run in the capital. Positivity is 1.2% and not bad at all. We are taking all the necessary actions in order to contain the spread of the virus. Around 25 institutes including universities have been sealed.”