BEIJING  -  A group of students from Pakistan Embassy College Beijing (PECB) showcased their talent at an event held to celebrate mid-autumn festival here in the Chinese capital.

The theme of the event was “Understanding China, respecting each others’ culture, appreciating full moon, and celebrating mid-autumn festival”. It was planned by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

Around 26 students between 11 to 13 years of age from PECB participated in the activity. All the students were divided into four groups to participate in four different activities, according to Muhammad Ali Asad, Event Coordinator at PECB who accompanied the students along with other staff members during the activity. The activities related to Chinese culture included moonlight over the lotus pond, mid-autumn impression, blooming flowers and full moon and breezy wind and clear moon. The students showed keen interest in took part in the activities like drinking tea, appreciating full moon, making ancient books, bouquets of flowers and piles of brocades, ribbon embroidery and blue plants dyeing etc. They students were guided by the professional staff to prepare different items. All the products made during the activity were given the participating students as gift. Later, the participating students and teachers expressed their feelings about the mid autumn festival during their interviews to local print and electronic media.