Asif Zardari has now entered that rare and exclusive club of 12 Presidents of Pakistan, all but two having passed on. The achievement cannot be quantified for there is no yardstick on which to measure. The speed with which the goal has been achieved has left everyone bedazzled. The detractors, the nay sayers, the establishment, even his own loyalists are still in shock at his victory. No one could have forecast 30 days ago such a result, so fierce were the forces opposing him. Behind his smile, his thought process was light years ahead of the Sharif Brothers, and in politics he encircled then outwitted them by promises made and then broke. The trap was laid and then sprung. Even Machiavelli must have applauded such the moves. The meaning of his actions are now clear. He has won the presidency legally, and above all democratically. The accolade and acceptance has been universal, with none to challenge his ascendancy to the presidency. Not even for a moment has a single voice been raised challenging the result. The entire media while raking up the past and casting doubts on the future have grudgingly admitted the success of the present. A truly remarkable achievement. His victory has also brought to the fore his clarity of thought. He has obviously planned his every step, and while the judge's march was being executed, he watched, and then pulled the plug at the appropriate time, leaving the various leaders with a cause, an icon, and suddenly without a following. We the Pakistani people must now accept him as our new leader, and help him exorcise from amongst us the true enemies of Pakistan,- the suicide bombers, and their supporters, the militants hiding behind the madrassah's, the spreaders of hatred to the other sects, and creeds. And to their promoters in the assemblies or in the Senate. They show no mercy for their victims, and continue to carry on their deadly missions striking terror in Pakistan and outside. President Zardari should appoint Salman Taseer who is a high achiever to reorganise the madrassah's and root out the criminal/terrorist elements. This is the single most important problem facing Pakistan, and Salman is just the no-nonsense man who could organise a team and put the fear of God into the mullah protectors. He is as ruthless as is required under the circumstances. The next important problem facing us is the economy. We have an incredible potential that is presently under-utilised. Our industrial output is declining at an alarming rate, affecting our exports. This would be the time to invite the local businessman to invest, and give him the inputs he requires. State enterprise cannot deliver, as we all know. Raising electricity rates at this point in time is counter-productive, and a burden on the already crippled citizen, the manufacturer and the farmer. With Pakistan at centre stage Asif Zardari has the opportunity to take us out of our dismal miserable state where we have been placed due to our inept rulers. He must realise that the power of India and the Asian Tigers is the state of their economies, and their huge export surpluses. This is their strength. And this is where we should direct ourselves. We have a fertile soil and hardworking people. The farmers and the manufacturers are the true backbone of the nation, and have to be encouraged and the businessmen of Pakistan must be asked to partner the government and help the economy by investing - and the government should for their part give the incentives required. There are only two areas that are revenue generating - Agriculture and Manufacturing. Both these areas are being strangled by expensive power, and expensive money. These two areas are the only way to export and generate revenues. For this, Asif needs to concentrate his energies on giving the farmers new incentives to produce. In every country in the world the farmer is the most protected and given the highest incentives. The dairy farmers of EU and the US are a case in point. Here huge quantities of crops are destroyed to keep the prices up. Farmers in Europe are paid not to grow any crop to sustain a higher price for the farmer. Here in Pakistan we have no such assistance, for it is the bureaucracy that has chosen not to assist the farmer. For it is in the interest of a handful of people in Minfal that from time to time there should be shortages - planned shortages, and then desperate imports at inflated prices. The power sector also has been a hostage to the oil barons, who have kept the largest coal reserves in the world buried safely underground. Oil is not just convenient for the Islamabad connection, but has comforted them with years of monetary benefits, while keeping us tied to their supply lines. Without cheap power our industry cannot possibly be competitive, neither will the farmer be able to sustain his input (tubewell/water) at a reasonable price. These then should be the priorities facing President Zardari. Terrorism, agriculture, and manufacturing, and of course cheap power. Asif Zardari has the proven ability, to now put together a team to best utilise the considerable resources available. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to issue instructions that are then carried out. This is the secret of all good administrators. Pakistan is full of ministers whose orders were never carried out. So the planning may have been there but the plans never saw the light of day. A prosperous Pakistan is well within our reach. And we may be the next Asian Tiger, with Asif Zardari as our Mahatir. The writer is a political analyst