A section of the press and some TV channels reported on September 01, 2009 that due to bad weather in Karachi, the flight crew of many PIA flights was unable to reach the airport in time and the MD PIA had to himself fly PK 300 to Islamabad. As someone who has been associated with the aviation industry for more than 25 years, may I ask how Captain Ijaz Haroon, a pilot licensed for Boeing 777 by Civil Aviation Authority, took an Airbus A- 310 bearing registration no AP BEB to Islamabad? How do I know all this? Because the flight is routinely flown by one of my colleague Captain Jameel Sheikh. One would also like to mention that a similar story was published in the press when the dead body of PIA Captain Mousa (who was martyred in Peshawar PC bomb blast) was brought to Karachi by the MD although only Airbus A 310 operates on this route which, according to rules of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, cannot be flown by a Captain of Boeing 777. Either PIA has lied on record or the MD Captain Ijaz Haroon has grossly violated his license protocol by flying an aircraft for which he is not licensed. Would someone in CAA wake up and check ongoing safety violations at PIA or are they waiting for a mishap? -FAYSAL JAMAL, Karachi, via e-mail, September 3.