It is learnt on good authority that government is hell bent on importing another 150 bullet-proof cars. I wonder what is the big idea behind this. Since our rulers do not go into open places, nor meet ordinary people, why import these expensive cars. If the death defies doctor, it can defy a bullet-proof car as well. The kind of explosions we saw at Merriott, Islamabad, FIA building, Lahore and ISI building Lahore, would be a bit too much for even bullet-proof cars. I suggest our rulers ask the army to supply them tanks, or at at least armoured vehicles. Since we are at war with militants, the use of tanks or armoured vehicles will not appear to be that out of place either. But if the bullet-proof cars are needed for the wives and children rather than the rulers themselves, we need a lot more cars than we have ordered. After all our children are the leaders of tomorrow. NAQSH LYALLPURI, Gujranwala., September 12.