As a British national of Pakistani origin, I have great regard for the people of Saudi Arabia because of its great religious significance for the Muslim world in view of the fact that Islams holiest places are located here. I am greatly disturbed, though, at the interference of Saudi Arabia in the internal affairs of Pakistan. The Saudi royal family must understand that Musharraf has violated the laws of Pakistan, killed thousands, and handed over thousands of other Pakistani nationals to US on payment of head money. He has also robbed the people of Pakistan blind. Musharraf is responsible for killing of Akbar Bugti and thousands of other Balochis who were either killed or abducted (and hence missing) upon his orders. The Baloch people have been alienated from Pakistan by this dictator and his repression of them has created the present insurgency in that province. Musharraf is also guilty of the most heinous of crimes against the people of Pakistan; the unpardonable act of destroying our superior judiciary and willful violation of our constitution. The Saudi royals should not demand any special treatment for this criminal because if they do, they would be seen to be going against the interests of the people of Pakistan. -IRFAN BUTT, UK, via e-mail, September 2.