A heart breaking incident took place in Nazimabad Underpass recently. A dumper hit a motorcycle rider and killed him on the spot, and the deceased left a widow and four children. His family is in mourning. The deceased belonged to a religious scholar’s family who told me that the reason for his death was the ‘darkness’ in the underpass. This is an underpass where drivers have to switch on their lights even during day time. The streetlights of Nazimabad, Liaquatabad and Gharibabad underpasses have been completely shut down for the last eighteen months, causing a large number of casualties.

A few letters have already been published but in vain. The concerned city authorities and KMC are requested to place a huge size precautionary sign at the entrance to avoid further loss of life, till the grids are repaired and the defective lights are turned on.


Karachi, September 9.