The road towards the Afghanistan boarder has to pass from the Industrial Estate of Peshawar. This also houses the illegally imported goods markets which are a favourite for the locals as well as visitors. This road now has two check posts, one manned by the police and the other by excise.

There are two other illegal tax collection points, collecting illegal tax from goods transporters and public transport. The charges are Rs. 100 for small cars and vans, while Rs. 200-500 from the trucks. They charge taxis; rickshaws and even goods transporters to the Industrial Estate.

No one knows who has assigned these people to collect tax, and whether this is done by the Pakistan Government. There are no sign boards or offices, and on asking them, they do not tell who is collecting this tax.

But the locals say that the tax is being collected by a famous politician and owner of many plazas in this market. He has not only constructed an illegal truck depot, on the property of Industrial Estate and has given it illegal road access across the Railway lines. But neither the police nor the railway officials, or industrial estate officials, custom officials or even Government officials dare stop him or his illegal activities.

The Afghanistan bound truckers recently protested on this highly illegal tax being collected from them at this check post. I hope that the situation will come to the notice of PTI and they will take action to stop this illegal activity.


Peshawar, September 9.