Islamabad - Justice Mushir Alam urged the district and sessions courts’ superintendents to maintain high standards of conduct and professionalism and encourage a culture of polite behaviour and decent doing among the court personnel in the district judiciary. The Supreme Court judge expressed these views in the certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week training course on the topic “How to be an Effective Superintendent” here at the Federal Judicial Academy yesterday in which he was the chief guest.

Justice Mushir said the court personnel need to know the basic principles and standards they are expected to apply to their work and where the boundaries of acceptable behaviour lie. The superintendents are responsible for maintaining a high standard of propriety in discharge of their official duties.

He said superintendents are proverbial ‘helping hand’ for the district and sessions judge in the overall affairs of the court. “I have learned a great deal in my career from what I would call them as ‘traditional’ models and “sources of learning and guidance”, both, for judges and lawyers, especially, when they are new entrants in their respective professions. Many of them have profound knowledge and excellent experience in the court procedures. We must learn from them and they should also properly guide the new entrants in the field to enhance the image of the judiciary.”

Earlier, Fakhar Hayat, Director General of the Academy, presented an overview of the training. He said that sharing is not only caring but also a great way of learning. “I am confident that you people must have assimilated a lot from this practically designed interactive training course and would apply the gained knowledge and transfer the same to the juniors for effective dispensation of justice in the district courts.”