New Delhi

Following the inaugural night, Ek Shaam Pakistan Kay Naam, the anticipated “Shaan-e-Pakistan” platform, powered by Braahtii, presented day two with a grand exhibition which brought fashion, food, art, craft and culture from Pakistan and India together at one unified platform at the Grand Hotel, Delhi.  The exhibition presented dedicated stall spaces for participants to showcase their work and was conducted to further each brand’s accessibility and outreach to the Indian market and also served as a platform to conduct B2B interaction for longer term business and trade opportunities.  High end and high street brands from Pakistan and India exhibiting included: Asifa and Nabeel, Amir Baig, Ensemble, Fahad Mir, Ghazal, Gimmick, House of Arslan Iqbal, Irum, Le ’Vogue Fashion , Mona Imran, Rana Noman, Sadia Asad, Saira Shakira, Samina Shajani, Sahar Atif, Sanam Agha, Wahaj, Zeeshan Bariwala from Pakistan and Anju Modi, Anshu Jan, Badshah, Poonam Bhagat, Rakesh Agarwal, Sadan Pandey, Tarun Jal to name a few from India. 

Shaan-e-Pakistan will continue with a third and final day for the exhibition, ending with a fashion show.

Indeed, Shaan-e-Pakistan’s aim at large is to develop trust, growth and business among Pakista’s and India’s fashion, culinary and handicraft industries. Further, Shaan-e-Pakistan has also collaborated with Eros (Former Shangrilla) Hotels, India where they will celebrate the culinary heritage of both the countries. To this end a special menu titles as “Singh Sahib” has been created by the India Chefs whereas Chef Gulzar and Chef Nasim from Pakistan have created their own, drawing on the culinary tradition of Pakistan provinces. This association with Eros Hotel is one that will continue after Shaan-e-Pakistan in their 7 days long food festival (13th-20th) by the name of Dawat-e-Maghrib in association with Shaan-e-Pakistan powered by Braahtii.