LAHORE - Aall-rounder M Hafeez, who has been banned from bowling in international cricket for one year by the International Cricket Council (ICC), Saturday dismissed reports that he had been bowling in the National T20 Cup without remedying his action.

“Been working on my bowling action from the last 9 months in NCA with coaches & analysts. Insha Allah will come back SOON in action..,” he tweeted on Saturday.

Earlier, it was reported that Hafeez was bowling in the National Twenty20 Cup without having undergone any remedial measures to his action. Bowlers banned from international cricket for suspect actions can bowl in domestic cricket if their home boards allow, but it is unusual for them to do so without any attempt at correction. He termed the news as “irresponsible reporting.”

Hafeez was first pulled up for suspect action in November 2014, then made the necessary changes and was cleared by the ICC in April 2015. However, he was back under scrutiny two months later and when tests revealed his elbow extended beyond the permissible 15 degrees, the ICC banned him for 12 months.

He cannot approach the ICC for a retest of his bowling action until the completion of his suspension, so at present there is no conclusive way to determine if he is bowling with his old action or a changed one.

According to ICC policy on illegal bowling actions, the board concerned shall formulate and implement a strategy to deal with players with illegal bowling actions in domestic cricket. As per ICC rules, a bowler can have maximum elbow extension or flex – the amount he bends and straightens his elbow while delivering the ball – of 15 degrees; anything more, and the action is deemed to be illegal.

His bowling action is also being closely monitored and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials claim that the umpires can summon him if they find his action a bit suspect. “It’s not like we are being lenient with him. The umpires can still report him if they suspect anything wrong in his action,” PCB director domestic cricket Intikhab Alam said. “Since this ongoing tournament is being televised, it’s the best opportunity for us to monitor him closely. “If he is reported at this level as well then he will be suspended for another three months.”

Hafeez was banned from bowling in international cricket after the first Test against Sri Lanka in June after which he went to Chennai to get his action verified but has not been successful in doing so.