Seven crew members from Gujarat were killed while more than 50 Indians were said to be stuck in “dangerous circumstances” in war-torn Yemen, which is bombed by Saudi Arabia, fighting the rebels in Yemen. The Saudi-led alliance bombed two boats at al-Khokha, a small port near Hodeidah city, on September 8 in which seven persons were killed, all from Gujarat.

“It’s shocking. We are devastated because two persons — Osman Abdul Chomadia (55) and Asgar Anwar Sanghar — from our village were among those killed. They were sailors and used to ferry between India, Dubai, Somalia and Yemen,” said Gannibhai, a resident of Bharana village in Jamnagar district. Both of them had left India seven months back. “We have sent the documents to the authorities, who have performed their last rights also. Their bodies have been buried there,” Gannibhai added.

Of the other five killed, four were from Salaya Mandavi village in Kutch and one from Sikka from Jamnagar.

Adam Bhaya, secretary, Indian Sailing Vessel Association (ISVA) from Salaya, Jamnagar, said: “Five boats are stuck at Khokha port and most of the crew members are from Gujarat. We have requested the Indian authorities to shift other crew members to safe locations. Some of them have been injured very badly and are undergoing treatment.”

Desperate loss

“I have lost everything with the loss of my vessel. It was carrying food stock from Somalia and Yemen. It was bombed without any provocation,” said Isha Thain, owner of al-Amar, on which four crew members were killed.

“They have recovered bodies of three while one is still missing as per our information. But I am worried about those who are alive. They have sent us messages that they are unsafe,” Mr. Isha from Mandavi, Kutch told the media.

Courtesy The Hindu