While reading one famous book on Political Science yesterday, I happened to explore this noble quotation of a noted Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, and constitutionalist, Marcus Tullius Cicero, who once said, “The more laws, the less justice“. Whenever I reflect upon these words, I am pained to say that my country today has become a classic example, rather a real interpretation of this time-tested quote.

In Pakistan we have organisations, may not be many, but a few which are being run sans employees service rules, hence, the employees are kept deprived of their career growth and other employment rights, here in this country, only little thieves, involved in crime and corruption of all sorts, are caught but the great ones always escape. Don’t you see what is happening in my home province Sindh and other parts of the country nowadays? The more laws we have in this country to fight crime and corruption, the more thieves, bandits and corrupt elements we have in the society and in the public sector.

A vast majority of people in power and authority set thieves, not with this intention to catch thieves, but become thieves of state resources. We have less and slow justice in the society, therefore, the corrupt and criminal lot is enjoying all of the creature comforts both in land and abroad.

Many laws, available in this country, provide them an opportunity to become thieves and corrupt because they know that the more laws, means the more interpretations, the more complications, the more procedural hitches and hindrances to impede an expeditious dispensation of justice in this country but who cares in this country where procrastination , which the thief of the time, operates and where young thieves and young corrupt officers are not penalised in the prime of their career so that do not become hardened stealers of the State resources and corrupt to the core in the long run.


Islamabad, August 21.