Islamabad - Chairperson Peace and Culture Organisation (PCO), Mushaal Hussein Mullick believed only the UN resolutions could provide plausible solution to the longstanding Kashmir dispute , as bilateral initiatives and backchannel contacts between India and Pakistan have badly failed to make any progress toward the resolution of the issue.

Talking to The Nation Mushaal Malik, spouse of leading Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik who has been fighting for the cause of Kashmiri nation since his childhood, stressed the need of vigorously and continuously highlighting the issue at international forums to draw the attention of international community towards the blatant human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir to mount pressure on Indian government to give right to self-determination to the people of Kashmir.

Responding to a question she said that for the past several decades India and Pakistan have been engaged in negotiations to resolve the issue and right from Simla Agreement down to Lahore Declaration and Agra Summit, all such attempts had fallen flat, with both the countries even could hardly bring any shift in their declared stand on the issue. So in the given circumstances she saw implementation on the United Nations Resolutions on Kashmir the only way out with a plausible solution to this oldest dispute on the UN agenda.

Mullick, who has recently launched signature campaign to garner moral and political support for the Kashmir cause, said that her aim is to continue highlighting the cause of Kashmiri nation at all available forums and tell the world community the ordeal of the Kashmiri people, particularly the plight of children and women who are not only victims of physical torture but are also suffering from mental trauma as most of them have born and grown up in the shadows of fear and terror.

Giving details about the signature campaign, she said that initially she was approaching the lawyers community and would engage bar councils across the country while in next phase she would be engaging the college and university students across the country as well as doctors and people from other walks of life to make the international community realise that whole Pakistani nation is standing with the Kashmiris in their ordeal and hard times.

To a question she said that she just wanted to keep the issue in the eye of international community and exert maximum pressure on India to stop inhuman and savage treatment to people of occupied territory and pave the way for getting them their inalienable right to self-determination guaranteed to them by the United Nations.

She seemed a bit disappointed with the government of Pakistan which according to her should have to come up from just a lip service to the cause of Kashmiri people and needs to gear up efforts at diplomatic front and raise the issue at international forums more persistently.

She also stressed the need for making the Pakistani missions abroad work proactively on highlighting the issue, the way Indian diplomats are doing for hushing up the matter and making the world believe that it is an internal matter of India.

She said that all political parties in Pakistan should join hand on this issue and work in unison rising above their political agendas to help stop the pogrom of innocent Kashmiris at the hands of Indian occupation forces by raising the issue at all available forums not only on the select days but round the year to mount pressure on India to give them (Kashmiris) their right to decide about their fate and future.