LAHORE - In a surprising development, PTI has provided an open field to PML-N by withdrawing its candidate for chairman in Union Council 107 giving unopposed win to Khawaja Ahmed Hassaan, PML-N’s possible Mayor for provincial metropolis.

In a similar development another PTI candidate for chairman in Union Council 261 withdrawn his candidature providing uncontested victory to PML-N contender Haji Jamil.

However, PTI senior leader Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed claimed in a press conference on Saturday that Nawaz Chaudhary, party candidate for chairman of Union Council 107 was forcibly retired by the goons of Khawja Ahmed Hassaan.

He said that PTI would file a petition in Lahore High Court tomorrow (Monday) to seek justice.

Party insiders told this correspondent chairman Imran Khan took serious note of this happening and ordered a thorough inquiry into the matter that has demoralised the party workers in the middle of preparations for upcoming by-polls and local bodies’ elections.

The important UC 107 falls under the limits of NA-126 and PP-151 won by PTI’s Shafqat Mehmood and Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed respectively.

Shafqat Mehmood is party’s City chapter organiser and Mehmoodur Rasheed is Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader.

According to insiders Shafqat and Mehmood both has the duty to evaluate party candidate in this important Union Council but they failed to discharge their responsibility.

They quoted some party leaders as saying the match was fixed in advance and there was no need to cry over spilt milk. The party leaders demanded immediate sacking of the responsible.

There was no covering candidate in both the Union Councils which might block the PML-N candidates. It is surprising that the City chapter leadership has also overlooked this issue too.

PTI Punjab organiser Chaudhary Sarwar following party chairman’s directions asked Shafqat Mehmood to submit a comprehensive report concerning the two Union Councils at the earliest.

Veteran election managers are of the opinion the development will dent PTI efforts with regard to campaign for by-polls and local elections.

PTI high command has to take drastic measures for controlling the damage as soon s possible or it could face similar examples in other Union Councils of the provincial capital.

It is politically important for the PTI to pin down its opponent’s possible Lord Mayor candidate. They believe the after affects of Union Council 107 that could crown the PML-N with Lord Mayorship likely to surface during the by-polls for NA-122.