a difference of opinion

S: My sister had the most embarrassing situation on her hands the other day.

A: Why what happened? Is everything okay?

S: She hired a young maid, a teenager and took her to the mall along with the family. They visited an upscale shop for jewelry and accessories and while they were exiting the shop, the whole store started resounding with the loud alarm that goes off when someone shoplifts.

A: She picked something up? Its only natural, seeing things they’ve never had the pleasure of seeing before. Its not all that surprising to me.

S: Its not but the whole situation where the guards started harassing my sister and her children accusing her of shoplifting. When came the maid’s turn she refused point blank to be searched as she maintained that she had not lifted anything. Two female security guards took her kicking and screaming to the changing room where they found the item hidden in her clothing.

A: What became of her?

S: My sister apologized profusely and they were kind enough to let her go without serious charges. She was obviously sent home but the whole debacle throws light on what moral and character building these kids experience in their homes, with no education and no one to teach them concepts of right and wrong.

A: It is sad and upsetting. These children are forced to work at an early age and whatever they learn is on the streets or at the workplace. Survival instincts kick in at a very early point in their lives and morality takes a back seat.

S: When will all the children of this country have a fair chance at equal education, of learning basic morals, of being upstanding citizens?

A: Hopefully before the country is completely in ruins.