One can say without any of fear of contradiction that 99.9 percent of target killing in Karachi is committed by the pillion riders of the motor bikes. Just ban it and almost all target killing shall come to a halt. I have drawn the attention of the concerned authorities to it before also but, for reasons only best known to them they have been shy of imposing it. Is the pillion riding not banned on many an important religious occasion, then why not impose it for good?

During pre-partitioned days, when bicycle was the most common means of conveyance doubling was not allowed. Nobody cribbed and everyone obeyed the law. Why can’t it be done now? If at all some relaxation is to be allowed to the lower middle class community, a lady pillion rider, but without Burqa or Hijab to establish her identity clearly and noticeably, may be allowed to ride on the pillion. Similarly small children under the age of 12 may also be allowed. However, under no circumstances should two or more adult males be permitted to ride on a motorbike. Raheel and Rangers please do it as the political rulers might have some other considerations for not enforcing it.


Rawalpindi, August 20.