Sajida Khadim - Eidul Azha is the demonstration of love by Allah towards the one who sacrifices for His sake. As the meaning of Eidul Azha itself collectively refers to “celebrate the great sacrifice”.

Eid ul Azha is the reminder of sacrifice, love and miracle. It reminds us that when someone loves the One, He loves him back eternally. It reminds us that when someone sacrifice for Him and His willingness only without hesitating for a single moment, without a shred of a doubt that whatever He has planned for me is the best, who knows that whatever I am blessed is the blessing of that Al-Rehman.

It reminds us about the beautiful story between Allah and Ibrahim A.S. How Ibrahim A.S asked Allah to raise the foundations of Kaaba and how Allah asked Him to sacrifice his only beloved son, Ismael A.S. It was not because Allah wanted to punish him. It was to set an everlasting example of love. It was to set the definition and standards for love towards Al-Rehman. It was to pave the path of love which can be followed by the coming generations.

It reminds us of the great sacrifice Ibrahim was ready to offer for His beloved, Al-Rehman, of his beloved son, Ismael A.S and how the Al-Rehman bestowing His love towards Ibrahim A.S answered his prayer by promising him “I will make you a great nation.” And Muhammad S.A.W, Allah’s beloved was answered as His prayer.

Ibrahim A.S answered the sacrificed asked for with love and Allah loved it to keep it alive for centuries after centuries. He kept it alive through every single person who is born till date as Muslim. He kept it alive through the divine creatures, the angels. He created us in countless numbers who are praising Ibrahim, his family and the family that came from that family. Every year millions of Muslims perform Hajj to praise his sacrifice, his love for the One.

Today, the essence of this great spiritual event is lost completely. Only the word Eid is remains as Azha is nowhere. We plan, we shop, we meet, we gossip, we celebrate but we don’t sacrifice. Slaughtering animals is just not for the mere purpose to eat or distribute meat. It is to remind us of the great sacrifice Allah asked and Ibrahim offered. It is to remind us that if you are ready to offer what you love the most Allah is ready to bless you with all his blessings.