KHAIRPUR  -  Jatoi community staged a protested against the arrest of killers including a notorious land grabber builder and his accomplished in front of Sukkur Press Club on Wednesday.

The protest was led by Dilmrad Jatoi, Edan Jatoi, Yasin Jatoi and others told the media that that builder Rao Shakir and along with his accomplished notorious suspects including Mehar Jatoi, Panah Lala, Ghaffar Rajput, Essa Malik, Ayoob Seelro and other grabbed the poor’s lands with the help of revenue officials.

The protesters said that many times they attacked on their houses and recently armed persons attacked on their land by the directions of other above alleged accused in which one man was killed while other six were injured.

The police are not taking any step instead of registration of FIR against the culprits while the police are pressuring them to withdraw the case.

They said that the above suspects are wanted in many heinous crimes to police but police is not arresting them. They appealed the chief justice and army chief to provide justice and protection to them.

It has popular the Airport police station and Bachal Shah police post is operating on expenses of Builder Rao Shakir who appointed notorious suspects on payment and above two hundreds cases are running in various courts in Sukkur and other cities against them.