Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Pir Noor-ul-Haq Qadri Thursday urged the government to devise a strict law for social media users to eradicate extremism from the society and promote peace, tolerance, unity and brotherhood through implementing ethnic lines.

The federal minister highlighted that Muslims all over the globe were facing political, social and sectarian hurdles which can only be addressed if they fully imbibe the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) based on tolerance, love, patience and respect for fellow human beings.

Ulema must use their influence to promote inter-sect and inter-faith harmony by shaping the public opinion, he added.

Pir Noor-ul-Haq Qadri vowing to respect the sanctity of each other’s faith especially during the holy month of Muharram-ul-Haram said, “Let us not divide ourselves into Shia and Sunni beings but remain united as Muslims”.

In an interview with PTV, the minister said,”Respecting others religion and sentiments could help to promote religious harmony in the country which is currently need of the hour.

He urged Ulema and Mashaikh to organize peaceful processions at every level , ensuring peaceful passing and culmination of Muharram-UL-Haram, especially Youm-e-Ashur and Chehlum processions of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS).

The minister said that the actions performed in this month have an effect on what a person does in the remaining months of the year.

Religious minister assured all possible steps will be taken to further promote religious harmony and ensure implementation of the devised security plan during Muharram.

The federal minister said , minority community living in Pakistan are enjoying equal rights like Muslims which cannot be seen anywhere in the world.

He said Ulema should play a positive role to teach a common man about equal rights for women in Islam through awareness campaigns.

To a question, he said media should also conduct effective awareness campaigns for ‘Domestic violence’ issue or equal rights of every person in the Muslim society.

In this regard, religious ministry will soon establish an ‘Inter-faith Commission’ with the help of Ulema to make legislation for addressing the issues of domestic violence and women share in inheritance and other related issues, he said.

About reforming madrassa education system, he said the present government will get full consent of the religious scholars belonging to different sects of Islam to achieve long-lasting results and bring revolution in this education system.

He said Madrassas should inform the ministry about their ongoing needs so that we can facilitate them according to their issues.

He hoped PTI government will modernize the madrassa education system and ensure millions of children’ access to science and other necessary subjects after completion of madrassa education.

It is time to introduce modern academic tools for the enormous and unregulated madrassa network which houses millions of children across the country,” he added.

Talking about the drug peddlers, he said they roam freely at the shrines and attract the innocent people towards different drugs like hashish and heroin.

His ministry will also take actions against those people who are using drugs around the holy Shrines, he added.