ISLAMABAD   -   The SECP has registered 1,187 new companies in August 2019. Out of1187 new companies registered, 94 % companies were registered online through eServices and 52 % companies registered within same day. The new registration raised the number of total companies to 104,030. The increasing trend in registration of new companies is due to simplified and hassle free procedures of company incorporation. The SECP has recently undertaken series of reforms for providing ease of business registration. Following reforms, a company can be registered in SECP within four hours through eService. The SECP has recently combined the process for name reservation and incorporation to introduce a single application form for company incorporation. Moreover, the company incorporation and other regulatory fee has been reduced significantly and facility provided for payment of fee through mobile and internet banking. To facilitate and guide people, the SECP has also established facilitation desks at company registration offices of Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.