LAHORE   -    Chief Traffic Officer Liaqat Ali Malik on Thursday warned that the complaints of corruption and abuse would not be tolerated. He said that any traffic police official found involved in corruption would be kicked out of the department.  CTO Liaqat Ali Malik expressed these views while addressing Police Darbar on Thursday. A large number of traffic wardens and senior traffic officers were also present on this occasion. “Only, a few people are giving bad name to the whole police department. We are here to serve people with dignity and respect. We have not joined this department to mint money,” the officer said. “There must be zero tolerance against corruption and maltreatment,” he said. SSP Liaqat Ali Malik also warned the traffic wardens that he would never compromise on three basic requirements. “I only ask you to do three things. Never indulge in corruption, never abuse a citizen and never remain absent from the duty points. That’s it,” he said.  The CTO also directed the wardens to improve their working in order to build the soft and positive image of the police force. He said that every policeman must have to play his role to win the hearts and minds of the people by serving the humanity