ISLAMABAD   -     Pakistan yesterday slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trying to hide state-sponsored terror in Kashmir.

Responding to Prime Minister Modi’s remarks about terrorism, a foreign ministry spokesperson said “These are reflective of the Indian government’s quintessential animus towards Pakistan and the smear campaign that India has waged for decades.” Earlier, on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in US, Prime Minister Modi said that terrorism was a global problem and all countries must come together to act against countries harbouring and supporting terrorists. Without naming Pakistan, Modi said the world community should condemn and act against a “neighbouring” country, which “supports terrorists and acts of terror directed at other countries.”

“Terrorism is a global threat, our neighbour is harbouring terrorists. The world should come together against the neighbour. We can tackle terror originating from our neighbour, we have done it in the past and we will do it again in future,” Modi said while addressing a public gathering in Mathura, his first visit since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the 2019 Lok Sabha polls for its second consecutive term. The foreign ministry spokesperson said that “no amount of India’s anti-Pakistan rhetoric could hide its state-terrorism in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Nor could any such remarks divert the international community’s attention from India’s unilateral and illegal actions of 5 August, 2019 which, among other things, have turned IOJ&K into the largest prison of the world. The unconscionable lockdown has entered its 40th day (as it began on 4th August, 2019).”   Rather than resorting to its familiar canard against Pakistan, he said, “India should pay heed to the international censure and reverse its draconian measures which are resulting in unspeakable sufferings for the Kashmiri people.”