It has been a great misfortunate for Pakistani nation that their rights, lives, properties have always been unprotected and insecure since the partition of the subcontinent and major role of the police to protect them actively and efficiently and thus to provide relief and security have been defective throughout the seventy two years to-date.

It not strange throughout the history of nation that the aforementioned institution has been politicized by the various political regimes to get the personal and politically multifarious vested interests and to victimize the opponents at the cost of public security and as an effective tool to dominate and prolong the rule, hence the vicious cycle has been running uninterruptedly with pace even in the current era of legal literacy, public awareness and information technology. This has been resulting into poor delivery of the quality services and abusive, ill treatment to public.

Despite the various efforts to bring about the reforms in the department the impressive measures have been failing to train and educate the officers and the officials from top to bottom to bring about the behavioural and ethical changes in the organization towards the human, social, cultural and societal values.

The public and the employees themselves are both unsatisfied by the performance, behaviour and attitude of the department. The police have been failing not only to protect the public but also its own employees themselves are not well sheltered. People are failing to get cheap and urgent relief by the police and they are facing the less professional, unethical and inhumane treatments by the police, thus public is further victimized/traumatized physically, mentally, psychologically, sexually and emotionally by the police even more than their offenders, hence most of the people /victims are scared of police thus avoid visiting to police station and which encourages the crimes and criminals. Public has been forced to commit suicide due to apathetic, intolerant the inhumane behavior of the police with the strong belief and mindset that it would be a wastage of time, money and self-respect and there would be no relief for them by the police rather the situation would worsen.

It is a tragedy the that the tolerance and self-control level in the society is declining due to multiple factors importantly the socioeconomic factors, amongst the top determinants, and it is also being reflected by the Government departments especially the public dealing departments like the police which need special trainings to deal and handle the already oppressed but emotionally disturbed public.

Police must address the public complaints promptly, honestly, diligently with dignity, self-respect, politeness and patience, which they expect and is their fundamental right irrespective of the age, gender, religion, social status and political affiliation, within available resources.

The organizational behavior and culture of police department towards all the segments of the society is questionable irrespective of the rank. The recent incidents reveals this poor organizational culture and behavior whether it is the Sahiwal incident where the family including children were the soft target and the incident scenes would not be easy to wash away from memory throughout the lives of the survivors, the recent rapid incidents like death of mentally sick person, the death of young adult in private torture cell, torture to the teenager alleged in mobile phone stealing, Manhandling of an old woman inside the premises of senior police office, manhandling of the protesting women in veils/Burqa and old man in a religious pilgrimage. These repeated incidence of manhandling the public resulting in the deaths, physical and mental trauma to adults, veterans, females including the lady constable, are highly deplorable and can’t be ignored nor forgotten.

In addition there are many more incidents which remain non-reported. Thus the whole society is vulnerable to vandal “POLICETRISM”. These inhuman, illegal brutal acts are not less than the acts of Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir.

In the modern world the police custody is considered as the safest custody but in Pakistan the matter is vice versa, no one is considered to be safe in police custody.

At the same time these unfortunate incidence of deaths, violence and torture in the custody of the police is also a dilemma for the Government.

The typical “Thana Culture “needs to be changed. The political interference should be minimized. All the Police reforms would not be fruitful without bringing reforms within oneself. The Government must take serious remedial steps against these incidents beyond “taking notice “and “constitution of inquiry committees “.

Moreover, psychological assessment and rehabilitation of all existing staff is required. The modern sessions be conducted regarding stress management, de-escalation of the violence, tolerance, self-control, briefing debriefing sessions from top to lower ranks.

During the new induction for the top to lower ranks the professional psychological assessment of the candidates be given significant weightage and during the post induction trainings/probation period improvised courses be included in the trainings program regarding the humanity, human values, tolerance, self-control. Behavior modelling, anger management, self-respect, human and criminal psychology in relation to public, victims and criminal handling. Furthermore refresher courses regarding above referred topics be conducted at the regular intervals in case of compliant/ unfortunate incidence regarding the public/victims manhandling by the police it must be properly investigated and strict action be taken against concerned officer or official without any prejudice, bigotry and political undue favors to set an example as a primary and secondary prevention.

The Government must introduce the solid monitoring and evaluation mechanisms on daily basis for the control of these incidents with strong commitment. Police department needs en-bloc de-politicization to win the faith and confidence of the public, strengthening the concept of “community policing”.

The writer is DEA rescue 1122 Bahawalpur. He can be reached at dremergency

The police have been failing not only to protect the public but also its own employees themselves are not well sheltered.