Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Friday said that Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) is under strict communication blackout and the world should take notice of this.

Addressing a mammoth rally in Muzaffarabad, he said that public life in Azad Kashmir is free, while around 4000 Kashmiris have been detained in the Occupied Kashmir by the Occupation Indian forces.

The foreign minister said that there was no bar on internet, TV broadcasts, mobile service, and publication of newspapers in Azad Kashmir, while situation is totally opposite in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Qureshi said that one million Indian troops have been deployed in the Occupied Kashmir to strangulate Kashmiris voice and personal freedoms.

The foreign minister announced that PM Imran Khan will highlight the Kashmiris’ stance in the United Nations (UN) and ‘victory will be ours’.

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan is here in the open sky of Muzaffarabad to address Kashmiris, but I am challenging Narendra Modi at this moment if he could address Kashmiris in Srinagar. He [Indian premier] cannot dare to address Kashmiris in Srinagar.”

 “If Modi has some courage then he should lift curfew and see the reaction.”

He severely criticised the Indian authorities over the imposition of curfew for more than a month and a complete suspension of mediums of communication.

The foreign minister also slammed the so-called religious freedom in India, saying that the world has already witnessed their tyrannical moves by stopping innocent and unarmed Kashmiris from offering prayers and gatherings of Eid festival and Muharram processions.